Still Dealing

I have an appointment next Thursday with my general practitioner to get me on some anxiety meds.  It seriously can’t come soon enough.  I am feeling really anxious right now because I had some caffeinated pop with my meal at Red Robin and that always makes me on edge.  I generally avoid caffeine because I don’t need it to get energized.  I have never had coffee and plan on never having it, but pop is another story.  Whenever I have caffeinated pop it makes me feel really anxious and I have a difficult time settling down.  In addition to the caffeine problem, I am worried about going to work tomorrow.  I have been anxious before work every time I go in.  It gets so bad that I feel sick and very uncomfortable.  I usually feel fine when I get to work, but the anticipation of going gets me really upset.  I just need to remember that I am fine once I get there, but the anxiety tends to overshadow that thought and I still continue to feel bad.  I see my therapist on Thursday as well and in addition I see my autism counselor so I will have a full day of appointments.

Lately, I have been thinking of going for a Bachelor of Science degree in either Biochem or biology, but after I graduate with my writing degree.  I still really want to work in forensics and the thing that is holding me back is the fact that I am scared to go for it.  I’ll be deeply in debt, but I think it will be worth it if I am happy.  I just need to get myself to do it.


One response to “Still Dealing

  1. youngandtwenty

    Anxiety is such a burden to have to live with 😦 It always seems to be there but since blogging, I’ve found it more common then ever! I wrote a post on anxiety, you may enjoy it 🙂

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