Letting Go

Have you ever felt that in order to feel truly happy, you have to give up something that only gives you temporary happiness?  I’m starting to come to the realization that I am depriving myself of things because I let my obsessions get in the way.  I become consumed with thoughts about these obsessions and I let them essentially take away my life.

I’ve always been insistent on the thought that I want to be famous somehow.  I want to be well known or recognized for my accomplishments.  I feel this stems from my fears of being forgotten.  I think that most of my life I have felt forgotten and I’ve reached a point that I don’t want that to happen anymore.  I want to be important.  I want to mean something to someone.  I want to change people’s lives for the better.

I want so much out of life, but I am stuck right now.  I am stuck in my fantasy world and I am afraid to leave it to face the real world.  My fantasy world doesn’t disappoint me.  I am not let down by fantasy.  I am a perpetual dreamer, my head is always in the clouds, but it is time I start becoming a doer of these dreams.


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