30 Before 30

This list is a bucket list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I hit age 30.

  1. Go to a restaurant alone
  2. Go into an interview not afraid of failing
  3. Talk to someone I don’t know
  4. Sight see alone
  5. Go somewhere I haven’t been
  6. Compliment someone I don’t know
  7. Compliment someone I do know
  8. Go technology-free for one day
  9. Go technology-free for two days
  10. Have $4000 in my savings account
  11. Pay for someone’s meal
  12. Meet one of my online friends
  13. Babysit
  14. Say hi to a stranger
  15. Give up Facebook and Twitter for more than 3 weeks
  16. Ride public transportation
  17. Get a job I love
  18. Go on a date
  19. Ask someone out
  20. Say no when I really mean it
  21. Watch Star Wars
  22. Go to the arborteum
  23. Do yoga
  24. Read at least 5 books before my birthday in June
  25. Graduate from college
  26. Get something published
  27. Volunteer
  28. Say I love you to someone who isn’t Willie
  29. Read my writing in front of a group
  30. Organize my life

3 responses to “30 Before 30

  1. How’s the bucket list going? Seems like a pretty fun list 🙂

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